Music for a Peaceful Environment

Peaceful celtic harp music
to help ease the stresses of modern life 
Butterflyproviding relaxing harp CDs
for drifting off to sleep after an anxious day,
soothing background music in the home,
or creating a peaceful environment
while driving in the car.


A recording artist in the North Jersey / NYC area, Lauren Mary Longo founded her own record label, Wing and A Prayer Recordings in 2005. All of her celtic harp recordings appear on this label dedicated toward making the world a more peaceful place one recording at a time. Lauren holds a PhD in Music from the City University of New York (1997) with a specialization in the applied theory of Jean Philippe Rameau and received a BA in Music Education and an MA in Music Theory from Montclair State University.

While experienced as a professional on piano, organ, and historical keyboard instruments, Lauren, a North Jersey celtic harpist, now prefers to concertize on celtic harp.
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"To me, the harp conjures up a place of magical sound.
No other instrument
can create a slice of heaven here on earth.
Butterfly               When you hear its music,
                    you are tranported to another realm of
              Peace, Light, Beauty, and Grace." lauren


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